Daycare Services...

Doggy daycare is not a new concept, the big difference about today's dog care versus yesterday's is the facility and the caretakers.

Yesterday's doggy daycare was usually in a private home by a neighbor with limited facilities, space and sitter experience.  If your neighbor had a dog you usually called on them to help you out.

Today's doggy daycare is more sophisticated and advanced, has a variety of activities to help socialize your pet and is run by experienced dog lovers.  See for yourself as your scroll through the facebook photos we've captured of our happy customers!

Dog owners know... your dog is like one of the family!  You want the best care and attention for you special family member and you want them to be happy, healthy and safe.  Dogs are social animals and need the interaction with other dogs - they need to play and roam around in a supervised, safe and friendly environment.  This is where a dedicated facility such as Ruff Spot Dog Daycare and Spa steps in!  

Whether it's for a couple hours or all day while you are at work - we can help!  We have the largest indoor/outdoor facility in Sherwood Park.  A supervised and safe environment for your dog to get exercise and play with other dogs.

Lets face it, we are all busy and some days we don't have the time to exercise our dogs or give them the attention they need.  At Ruff Spot Dog Daycare and Spa, we have state of the art Spot on K9 treadmills to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your pet.  Treadmills have been proven to keep your dog fit and healthy as well as prevent obesity and reduce behavior problems at home.  With regular focused exercise your dog becomes more relaxed, calmer and content.  In this state they pay better attention to commands and are less frustrated at home with pent up energy.  Behaviors such as hyperactivity, barking, aggression to people and or other dogs, digging and even food stealing can be linked to lack of exercise.

For more information about the benefits of exercise for your dog, see dog whispers' Caesar's Millan website. ~

Mandatory Daycare Forms:

Notification of Risk Agreement.
Emergency Care Permission form
Client Assessment handout
Pre-screening questionnaire

Daycare Pricing:

Assessment Fee: $20.00

  • Dogs older than 6 months are required to have an assessment and must be sprayed or neutered

Full Day (no overnight stays): $40.00/day for 1 dog - includes:

  • GST

  • Use of indoor/outdoor facility

  • 30 minute treadmill activity

  • When you committ to 1 day a week we include a complimentary nail trimming

  • Note:  Additional dog is $35.00/day

1/2 Day:  (up to 5 hours) for 1 dog $30.00 - includes:
(only offered on first visit as a trial OR if your pet is being groomed that day)
($10.00 discount on daycare when full grooming service booked for the same day)

  • Use of indoor/outdoor facility

  • 30 minute treadmill activity

Treadmill Use only:

  • $70.00/month includes 1 hour treadmill use per day (no daycare included)

  • $10.00/30 minutes - drop in fee (no daycare included)